What are Asphalt Shingles?


Asphalt shingles are the most popular shingle material for homeowners because of their affordable price, long lifespan, and attractive look. Asphalt shingles are a simple, and cost-effective solution for most homeowners.

In today’s roofing market, consumers have an abundance of choices for their roof material; options include metal, cedar shakes, slate, or clay tiles. However, asphalt shingles remains the most popular due to its aesthetic appeal at a fraction of the cost.

Asphalt shingles come in a variety of styles, the three most popular are 3-Tab, Architectural, and Premium Shingles.


3-Tab shingles is the most basic and least expensive entry-level shingles. This shingles can be easily identified by its simple 3-tab one layered shingle pattern. This style of asphalt shingles come with; (a) 10 to 25 years limited warranty by manufacturer, (b) and rated for up to 60mph – 70mph wind uplift . The average price per square for 3-tab shingles is $60-$75.

3-Tab shingles has dwindled in popularity, however it is still widely used in the Houston market.

If you are willing to pay a bit more for your next roof replacement, architectural asphalt shingles (aka dimensional, laminated, compositional) will provide your home with a beautiful 3-dimensional look to your roof. Architectural asphalt shingles come with; (a) 20 to 50 years limited warranty by manufacturer, (b) and rated for up to 110 mph – 130 mph wind uplift . The average price per square for architectural shingles is $75-$95. Architectural asphalt shingles is the most widely used shingles in the Houston market.


Then there is premium shingles, which are known for their unique look and high cost. There are various type of premium shingles that come with a variety of features and many different styles. Price ranges from the high $100s into the $200s per square.


  • 3-Tab: Most affordable asphalt shingles, it provides limited aesthetic appeal and has a limited wind resistance. Recommended for customers who are looking to stay within budget, rental properties, or where aesthetic appeal is not the priority.

  • Architectural Shingles: Affordable asphalt shingles that provide aesthetic appeal and great protection. Recommended for most homeowners. Architectural asphalt shingles tend to provide the best *return on investment.

  • Premium Shingles: Expensive shingles that provide the best aesthetic appeal. Recommended for high-end properties where homeowners want the extra and unique aesthetic appeal.

* ROI: Tips for maximizing ROI includes: (1) choose a type of shingles that is consistent with your neighborhood, (2) avoid unusual colors, or colors that don't blend well with neighborhood or home, (3) transferrable warranty from both manufacturer shingle warranty and contractors workmanships warranty.


We live in a time where options are in abundance, and the brands for asphalt shingles market is no different. The six most common asphalt shingle brands in the Houston market are GAF, CertainTeed, Tamko, Owens Corning, Atlas and IKO. Houston residence might be more familiar with Owens Corning due to its availability at your local Home Depot.

What shingle brands is the best? That is a debatable topic, however the brands with the best reputation are GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, and Tamko.

ASO Roofing & Renovations is a GAF Certified Contractor & CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator which allows us to provide customers extra manufactures warranty and peace of mind. However, we always provide options to homeowners in order to find the asphalt shingles and brand that fits their wants, needs, and budget.

ASO Roofing & Renovations specializes in the installation of asphalt shingles. We focus on the asphalt shingles niche because it is our expertise and it is where we can provide the best service to our clients. For the time being, we do not offer metal, clay, or any other type of roofs. We are a Sugar Land roofing company ready to serve all your asphalt shingle needs in the greater Houston area.


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