Reasons to hire a Local Roofing Company over a Storm Chasing Company

Houston is a storm prone area due to Hurricanes. Every few years we have a major storm that cause significant damages to roofs across the city. Before you know it, you have dozens of roofing salespersons knocking at your door offering a free roof inspection.

Many of the salespeople knocking your door are actually not Houston roofers. Unbelievably, most of these people are not from Houston and many not even roofing contractors.

Alfonso Sanchez recognized for completing a Construction Management Course provided by the City of Houston.

Alfonso Sanchez recognized for completing a Construction Management Course provided by the City of Houston.

I want to explain why you should engage a reputable local roofing company and not a fly by night storm chasing company.

  1. When you hire local roofers, you support your community: Local roofers will be engraved in your community and ready to serve you for many years while storm chasers are here to make fast money. If you live in Houston, it does not make sense to hire a roofing company from the outside. Ask yourself the following questions: Will they serve my area in the future? Will they come out to fix your roof if it leaks in 6 months? Should I take a risk of choosing a company that will not fulfill their warranty? Local roofing companies value reputation and taking care of their customers. Do not fall for the pushy sales tactics from storm chasers.  Support local roofing companies who support the Houston community.

  2. Warranties are REAL: Local roofing companies provide clients with a “real warranty”. Storm chasers may tell you about the warranty they provide, but at the end of the day if they do not serve your area after the storm, it is very unrealistic that they will take care of your future needs. A reputable local roofer from Houston will pick up the phone if you have any concerns. To be quite honest, no roofing company is perfect. Even at ASO Roofing & Renovations, we have had customer roof leaks. The difference is that we are honest and reliable; we will fix the problem and honor our warranties.

  3. Local Roofers won’t pressure you: A reputable local roofing company will not have a problem getting phone calls, especially in times when roofing is in high demand. Storm chasers in the other hand, are forced to knock on hundreds of doors to get business.  Since storm chasers do not have work coming in from referrals, they will be much more aggressive in order to try to close a sale. Would you not rather work with a roofing company that its reputation sells itself?

  4. Long Term Business Plan: A local roofing company plans to be in business in Houston for many years. Therefore, they are much more inclined to be honest, transparent, and fair with customers. At ASO Roofing & Renovations, the priority is not to get your roof replaced. The priority is to serve your needs, create a positive experience, and continue to build a strong brand in the Houston area. The sustainability of our business is significantly more important than one paycheck.

Storm chasers will be persistent and sell you the world, but it is because they are money driven and only in the area for one goal. You will be much better off giving your business to a local roofing company who will provide you with customer satisfaction for years to come.