Roof Insurance Claims Houston

We live in the great city of Houston, but we need to be prepared for the sometimes not so great weather. Roof damage can occur during a hail or wind storm. Storms can cause shingles to be lifted, holes, and fractures that may cause water penetration inside your home. 

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Step 1: Roof damage

After a storm the homeowner needs to assess the damage of the roof and take pictures as needed. Roof damage may not be visible to the homeowner when looking inside the home or from the ground up.The next step is to contact ASO Roofing & Renovations so we can provide you with a free roof evaluation. We will provide you with detail of the damages, more pictures, and a roof estimate.   

Step 2: Filing a Roof Insurance Claim

If you have damage, contact your insurance claim department and request that an insurance adjuster inspect your home.

Step 3: Claim Adjuster

The insurance company will send a claims adjuster to your home to inspect the damages. It is very important for the homeowner to coordinate with ASO Roofing & Renovations so we can be present for the scheduled appointment with the claims adjuster. We have your best interest in mind and will work closely with the adjuster in order to make sure no damage is overlooked. 

Step 4: Claim approve & Completions of Work

If the claim is approved , the insurance company will write you a check for the amount of the roof estimate minus the depreciation and deductible. The insurance company typically writes two checks to the homeowners. 

After everything is cleared with the insurance company we will repair or replace your roof. Final invoice will be submitted to the insurance company and they will provide you with the final check. 

Insurance claims can be intimidating, however working with ASO Roofing & Renovations we will provide you with peace of mind throughout the whole roof insurance process. Note, at ASO Roofing & Renovations we do not take the check of the insurance or make any effort to take control of the process. We serve as your consultant.