GAF Certified Contractor

Installing a new roof is a large investment for homeowners. Unfortunately, many homeowners have horror stories about experiences with roofing contractors. It is important to engage an honest roofing contractor that will install a complete roofing system in order to protect you home!

At ASO Roofing & Renovations, we believe a great roof consist of quality installation and using the highest quality roofing material. That’s why we use products from GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, and one of the most trusted brands by Houston consumers.

You can’t be to careful when choosing a Houston roofing contractor. By engaging with a GAF Certified Contractor, you are choosing a contractor that is insured, trained to install GAF products, and an established history of installing roofs.

A GAF Certified contractor has the ability to offer you a GAF Lifetime Roofing system. Some of the requirements include:

  1. Your roof must be installed by an eligible GAF Factory-Certified Contractor

  2. You must install qualifying GAF Shingles

  3. You must install at least three GAF qualifying accessories

    1. GAF Roof Deck Protection

    2. GAF Leak Barrier

    3. GAF Starter Strip Shingles

    4. GAF Attic Ventilation

    5. GAF Ridge Cap Shingles

  4. GAF Certified Contractor must register your home with GAF online within 45 days after installation.

By meeting the above requirements, your roof is protected by an extended manufacturer’s warranty.

When it comes to roofing work, there are always going to be uninsured handymen and “storm chasers” offering services at unmatchable prices. However, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Saving money in the front end, could cause detrimental effects in the long run. At ASO Roofing & Renovations we provide you surprisingly competitive prices, not by cutting corners, but by having a streamlined strategy to serve your needs.

With the GAF Certified Contractor certification, we provide industry leading services using only the highest quality GAF materials with the utmost professionalism and transparency.

Contract ASO Roofing & Renovations to learn more about our certification and services.

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