The ASO Advantage

The ASO Advantage is centered around being an affordable roofing company that inspires trust through quality work and great customer service. The Houston market is very competitive with hundreds of companies, large and small, flooding the market. In a competitive environment, we are able to stick out above the rest due to careful planning and leveraging our competitive advantages.



  • Family Owned & Locally Operated

    We are Family owned and locally operated. We create long-term value by creating trusting relations with our customers. We are not storm chasers or individuals who will not be responsive in the future. Feel confident that we will be honest, transparent, professional, and treat you and your home with respect.  

  • Experience

    We are second generation roofers with experience on both the contracting and retail side of the industry. The fact that we choose to continue our fathers legacy in the roofing industry, demonstrates that we are committed and that we have a true passion for our profession. 

Affordable Roofing Company

  • Competitive price

    Honest, competitive, transparent, and affordable pricing. We achieve our price targets by operating an efficient business which consists of an experienced roofing crew, strategic alliances, motivated team members, and hands on involvement by the owners. Other companies try to cut prices by cutting corners and being dishonest, we provide affordable prices due to careful planning.

  • Niche Market

    ASO Roofing & Renovations focuses on one area of the roofing industry, asphalt roofs. We focus on a niche because it is cost effective, efficient, our expertise, and it allows us to guarantee quality workmanship and customer satisfaction on every project. Most roofing companies in Houston offer a variety of services such as metal roofs, power washing, painting, windows, and carpentry services. However, that business model sacrifices quality and the integrity of each individual project. ASO Roofing & Renovations focuses on a niche market which allows us to streamline our business model and as a result, offer affordable roofing prices.

  • Strategic Alliances

    We own & operate a local roofing supply store and we have strong relationships with large roofing distributors. These alliances enable us to have a secure supply chain that will allow us to bring roofing material to our projects in a reliable, safe, and price effective manner. 

Quality Work

  • Quality Material

    We install new felt/synthetic felt, lead jacks, ice water shield, ridge vent, starter strips, drip edge, plywood (as needed) and ventilation accessories in all of our projects. Beware of other companies who re-use materials cut corners in order to save money. We offer premium shingles such as CertainTeed Max-Def, GAF HD, and TruDefinition Duration shingles at affordable prices. 

  • Roof Aesthetics

    Your roof adds beauty and value to your home structure. Aside from providing top quality installation, we pay close attention to aesthetics. What color matches with the brick, siding, and paint of your house? Drip edge color and size? Color of accessories? We pay attention to every detail in order to make sure your home looks amazing.

Customer Service

  • Relationship

    We remain dedicated to our customers after the roof project is completed. We offer a five year workmanship warranty on residential roofing replacements, but if something comes up after that time period has passed we will only be a call away (free of charge). We will stay in contact with you throughout the years with the newsletter we send out twice a year. In the newsletter, you will receive useful tips, become aware of our charity campaigns, and more.  


When it comes to roofing it is not recommended for homeowners to award the project to lowest bidder by default. By the same criteria, the highest bidder does not translate to the highest quality. ASO Roofing & Renovations is an affordable Sugar Land roofing company that provides the quality you expect at surprisingly competitive rates.

If you are looking for an affordable roofing company in Houston look no further than ASO Roofing & Renovation!